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We, Credence Livic Industries LLP, are a manufacturing firm of Abrasives based in India. We manufacture and supply several types of disc wheels, with our primary products being Cutting wheels, Flap discs, Grinding wheels, Wooden TCT blades, Non-Woven Wheels, and Diamond Cutters. LIVIC was founded in 2019 to provide A-grade after-sales services and abrasives to the gas/oil industry, steelworks, construction, shipyards, foundries, civil construction, machine engineering and other industries. We are an Abrasive Manufacturer whose products are used in cutting, grinding and polishing applications that we created for professional industrial use. Hence, our products have a long performance life. We ensure that our products are of the best quality. As a responsible Abrasive manufacturing firm in India, we provide Grinding and Cutting wheels that deliver the most consistent performance in any application.
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