Cutting Wheel
Abrasive discs offered under the category of cutting tools are used for precise cutting of all sorts of metals. Available in different diameter and cutting speed based choices, this range of tools is appreciated for its high cutting precision and long lasting quality.
Grinding Wheel
Grinding wheels offered by us are well known for their long lasting quality and reasonable rate. These grinding tools are made of abrasive grains with microscopic edges and layers of fiberglass. Abrasive grains of these grinding solutions are bonded together by using adhesive material.
Flap Disc
Flap discs are reliable instruments for shaping of metals. These discs are used as integral parts of welding equipments and heavy duty machines.  Provided discs are effective in improving surface condition of metal work pieces. Long lasting quality is one of the key aspects of these discs.
Wooden TCT Cutter
Get a wooden TCT cutter for your woodworking applications. The circular cutter has sharp and hard teeth that are wear resistant. It is installed in a woodworking machine to cut MDF, plywood, etc. It creates clean cuts. 
Granite Cutter
Buy from us a granite cutter that for precision cutting of granite slabs. Get this tool for your stone fabrication industry to accomplish cutting work efficiently and increase productivity. This versatile tool reduces material waste and delivers clean cuts. 
Ceramic Tiles Cutter
A specialized cutter used in the ceramic industry for creating clean cuts on ceramic tiles is this ceramic tiles cutter. It is installed on cutting equipment by the tile installers for cutting tiles in desired size and shape. 
Marble Cutter
Offered marble cutter discs are suitable for precise cutting of granite, quartz and concrete.  These cutting tools produce minimal noise and vibration while cutting stone surface. High speed operation, air cooled hole based design and low dust generation level are some of the key aspects of this product range.
 Shaded pole motor
Buy from us a shaded pole motor that operates on a single-phase AC power. This induction motor is simple, reliable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Get this motor for use in several small scale operations.
Air Compressor Nebulizer motor
This range of Air Compressor Nebulizer motors is well known for its ergonomic appearance, high output and long working life. Designed by skilled personnel, this array of systems combines a number of advanced features into its design. Long working life is one of the key aspects of this product range.

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