We are a top abrasives manufacturer, and we get all our materials from quality-controlled suppliers with a track record of producing high-quality materials. We are constantly developing new products in response to customer demands and comments. We have an R&D department to ensure that our quality products are consistent.

Our Products

As abrasive manufacturers, we provide innovative and long-term solutions. We have established long-term ties and projects. As among the top corporations globally as abrasive makers, we serve an impressive list of long-term clientele with knowledge and experience in different sectors.

  • High-Performance Services for Multiple Technologies and Industries. 
  • The Best Services with Quality Abrasives Company in India.

Our Guiding Principles

  • SAFETY: Our first concern is always safety. Human life, we feel, is more important than everything else. We manufacture our abrasive wheels such as Cutting wheels, Grinding wheels, Non-Woven Wheels, etc., of all sizes and designs in a quality-controlled atmosphere to guarantee safety.
  • SHARP: We understand that cutting/polishing/grinding labour can be physically taxing and that employees need highly sharp Grinding, Flap and Cutting Wheels to operate on a variety of materials. It is why we manufacture our Grinding, Flap and Cutting wheels to be accurate and sharp.
  • DURABLE: Thanks to our unique technology, our products are 30% more durable and have a consistent quality that does not alter after 6 months of usage.

Serving a large number of long-term clients!

The makers of LIVIC abrasives have set a goal for identifying customer-specific demand processes. LIVIC goes beyond providing abrasive products and wheels to reviewing applications to deliver the optimum abrasive discs for various metal work, granite, woodworking and ceramic tile applications.

Our cutting wheels and abrasive discs are accessible across India, with a strong support network in the south, north, west and east of India. Our growth aligns with our long-term commitment to serving our clients across India. LIVIC is always bringing in stronger abrasive wheels to meet the demands of our clients and be more responsive to their requirements via engineering and innovation.

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We have complete control over our goods, allowing us to provide our clients with the highest quality products, services, and prices.

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